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Title Authors Conference/Book Year bib pdf
Software Tools for Nonlinear Optimization - Modern Solvers and Toolboxes for Robotics - T. Moulard, B. Chrétien, E. Yoshida Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 2014
Integration of non-inclusive contacts in posture generation S. Brossette, A. Escande, J. Vaillant, F. Keith, T. Moulard, A. Kheddar IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2014
Study on Dynamics Identification of the Foot Viscoelasticity of a Humanoid Robot Y. Mikami, T. Moulard, E. Yoshida, G. Venture 19th World Congress, The International Federation of Automatic Control 2014
Optimization-based motion retargeting integrating spatial and dynamic constraints for humanoid T. Moulard, E. Yoshida, S. Nakaoka International Symposium on Robotics 2013
Real-time smooth task transitions for hierarchical inverse kinematics G. Jarquín, A. Escande, G. Arechavaleta, T. Moulard, E. Yoshida, V. Parra-Vega IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots 2013