Yili Qin received the M.S. degree from the University of Tsukuba in 2019. Now, he is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tsukuba and AIST. His research interests include whole-body motion planning and control of humanoid robots, robotic manipulation for long deformable objects like cable, belt and so on.

The publication list may not be complete, especially for publications prior to 2017. We are working on updating it.
Title Authors Conference/Book Year bib pdf
Dual-Arm Mobile Manipulation Planning of a Long Deformable Object in Industrial Installation Y. Qin, A. Escande, F. Kanehiro, E. Yoshida IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2023
Vision-based Belt Manipulation by Humanoid Robot Y. Qin, A. Escande, A. Tanguy, E. Yoshida IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2020
Cable Installation by a Humanoid Integrating Dual-Arm Manipulation and Walking Y. Qin, A. Escande, E. Yoshida IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration 2019