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Group Introduction

Molecular Neurobiology Research Group

Introduction to research

Direct observation of the events in the cell is one of the most powerful strategy to understand the functions and roles in living organisms. We, Molecular Neurobiology Research Group, is focusing on the molecular and cellular mechanisms for the onset of neuronal diseases. We are developing novel microscopic techniques including super-resolution, and these methods are applied to precisely visualize the molecular dynamics of disease-causing proteins in living neuronal cells and brain. We believe that our technologies will help to evaluate the effect of drug candidates in living animals, and also to find out the novel biological phenomena.

List of Publications



  • Yoshiaki Onishi (Research Group Leader)

  • Motomichi Doi (Department of Life Science and Biotechnology, Research Planning Office of Life Science and Biotechnology)

  • Kaoru Kato

  • Yasunori Sasaki

  • Tomoyo Ochiishi

  • Tatsuhiko Ebihara

  • Yoichi Shinkai