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Group Introduction

Bioanalytical Research Group

Introduction to research

To create advanced and comprehensive drugs and medical technologies, it is important to understand basic underlying biological phenomena. Bioanalytical methods are indispensable for clarifying the functions and mechanisms of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, and proteins. Our research group is developing, improving, and standardizing bioanalytical methods such as quantitative PCR, sequencing technology, and bioimaging techniques. Moreover, we are developing standard materials of biomolecules.

1) Construction of a framework for cooperation with both domestic and foreign institutes

We are standardizing bioanalytical methods to facilitate the global use of biotechnology in many fields. To facilitate standardization of biotechnology, we construct a framework for cooperation with domestic industrial bodies, foreign government/research institutes, and others.

2) Development and standardization of bioanalytical methods

We develop standard materials for validation and evaluation of bioanalytical methods. These standard materials are used in the fields of food microbiology, medical engineering, and genetic testing. We also develop gene quantification techniques and single molecule analysis methods. Moreover, we develop and improve enzymes using protein engineering techniques. The improved enzymes can be used in bioprocessing.

3) Development and standardization of analytical methods for biomolecules in the cell

We develop and standardize bioimaging techniques. These bioimaging techniques are used for clarification of the function of biomolecules in the cell, enabling clarification of unknown functions and mechanisms in cells.

Development of genetictesting methods

Development of genetictesting methods

Improvement enzymes using protein engineering

Improvement enzymes using protein engineering

Bioimaging for single molecule

Bioimaging for single molecule

List of Publications



  • Naohiro Noda (Research Group Leader)

  • Tetsushi Suyama

  • Akiko Yokota

  • Satoko Matsukura

  • Akira Sasaki

  • Masamune Morita