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Group Introduction

Molecular and Cellular Design Research Group

Introduction to research

We have been developing novel molecular design including evolutionary engineering of artificial proteins, a generation of microalgae-based bioplastics, and AI-based drug discovery.

Evolutionary engineering of artificial proteins

We have developed an evolutionary engineering technique to generate small-sized artificial proteins for biopharmaceutical and industrial uses.

Creation of microalgae-based high value-added products

We have created novel Euglena-based organic products including bioplastics, optical films, and fibers by integrating algology and material chemistry.


Automated Research System for Drug Discovery

Research automation to explore highly functionalized molecules accelerates drug discovery. We have been developing an integrated automatic architecture of AI-driven design and robotic chemical synthesis.

List of Publications



  • Hideki Watanabe (Research Group Leader)
  • Motonari Shibakam
  • Kiyonori Hirota
  • Tsukasa Ishihara
  • Shota Shiga