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About BMRI

Structure-Based Drug Discovery Research Group


Massive genetic and chemical screenings to discover novel activities

We construct screening systems for evaluation of biomolecules using animal, plant or microbial cells. Massive analysis enables identification and optimization of novel gene products and compounds.

  • To evaluate drugs, we tailor-made cells using genome editing, miRNA and fluorescent reporters.
  • To expand the utility of genome editing, we develop methods to deliver proteins directly into cells.
  • To develop therapeutics, diagnostics and pesticides, we accelerate the compound optimization.

Structural analysis of target proteins to create new drugs

We elucidate the structural basis of ligand recognition by biomolecules, including proteins and nucleic acids, to design drugs and to engineer proteins for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

  • To achieve high success rate, we establish solid pipeline for protein expression and purification.
  • To facilitate intermolecular analyses, we utilize automated systems for crystallography and NMR.
  • To comprehend the structure quantitatively and precisely, we perform computational simulation.

List of Publications



  • Yoshio Kato(Research Group Leader)
  • Kazuhiko Yamasaki
  • Tomomi Kubota
  • Daijiro Takeshita
  • Yuko Takagi
  • Yuuichi Furuhata
  • Takashi Nishio
  • Nanami Nishijima