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About BMD

Structure-Based Drug Discovery Research Group

Drug Discovery Gateway

Traditionally, drug development in our country had been completed within pharmaceutical industry, everything from its start to finish. However in recent years, pharmaceutical companies are focusing their effort on the drug development stage that follows lead compound acquisition, while earlier steps of drug discovery are increasingly dependent on introduction from overseas start-up companies. In response to the situation, the infrastructure for the lead compound search, or so-called optimization research, has been implemented mainly by public research institutes. However, the foundation of what we call drug discovery Gateway is not solid yet. The Gateway is the exploratory research portion located at further upstream of drug development scheme, to acquire pre-lead compounds from Hit compounds. Our research group is promoting technological development specialized in this Gateway function, practicing drug discovery, and aiming to serve as a portal of academic drug development.

List of Publications



  • Yoshio Kato(Research Group Leader)

  • Kazuhiko Yamasaki

  • Koji Furukawa

  • Tomomi Kubota

  • Yuko Takagi

  • Yuuichi Furuhata