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About BMD

Structure-Based Drug Discovery Research Group

Our group is aiming for creating novel functional molecules to trigger the phenotypic changes in cells. Our core technologies are following;
1. Genome Editing
Genome editing technology allows us to alter the genomic information. We are developing "new genome editing enzymes" and its "protein delivery into target cells" to create cells or organisms useful for bio-industry. In particular, we are exploring the drug target candidates of Trypanosoma by knock-out screening with genome editing technology.
2. Structure Analysis
Structural information is necessary for the molecular-targeted drug discovery. By using NMR spectroscopy and X-ray analysis, we are aiming to understand the recognition mechanism of protein-ligand complex at the atomic level.

List of Publications



  • Yoshio Kato(Research Group Leader)

  • Kazuhiko Yamasaki

  • Koji Furukawa

  • Tomomi Kubota

  • Yuko Takagi

  • Yuuichi Furuhata