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About BMD


Research on integrated functions of biological molecule, cell, organism and development of fundamental technologies of for new drugs

At Biomedical Research Institute, research for elucidation of structure and function of biomolecules, cellular dynamics and function, and pathogenesis and pathological conditions is carried out. At the same time, research and development of fundamental technologies for new drugs and of fundamental medical technologies are actively in progress.

For development of new drugs and of new treatment methods, research on structure and function of genes and proteins concerning biological mechanism and diseases is carried out. Also, elucidation of overall control mechanisms of concurrent phenomena in vivo is aimed at. At the same time, research is undertaken for development of the control technology on biological phenomena as well as of new fundamental technologies required for promotion of drug creation and medical industry, such as new sensors of super-high sensitivity for diagnosis. Thus, enforcement of collaborations with industry and international organizations and of hub function to support such activities is of utmost importance. In addition, biomedical research with global competitiveness is promoted, which enables us to lead international standardization trends in biotechnology.