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About BMRI

Greetings from the director

The use of science and technology is indispensable for solving social issues such as the declining birthrate, aging population, global warming, and pandemics. To solve these issues, about 70 researchers in the Biomedical Research Institute are conducting cutting-edge biological research at the Tsukuba Central 6 and the Kansai Center, and are working to realize healthy longevity and harmony with the environment with the results of their research.

We promote original research and development aimed at "elucidation of biological function," "measurement of biological function," and "application of biological function," and disseminate the results by publishing papers and applying for patents. Furthermore, we will apply these results to various social issues and promote social implementation of science and technology.

The social implementation of science and technology requires deep insight into the application and development of research results. For this purpose, it is essential to interact and discuss with a wide range of people from industry, academia, and government sectors. The Biomedical Research Institute aims to add value to research results not only within AIST, but also through active exchanges with companies, universities, and other public research institutions.

The Biomedical Research Institute will work as one to achieve the goal of solving real social issues through high-quality research and development, and we would be grateful for your support and cooperation in this endeavor.