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About BMD

Greetings from the director

Japan starts a new era this year and AIST also will begin the five mid-term soon. We are expected researches and developments to realize a "society of health and longevity" by settling medical, drug discovery, nursing, and health care matters in Japan, which is facing an aging society. Biomedical Research Institute which is one of the biggest research institute in AIST consisting of about 130 research faculty staffs (three-fourths in Tsukuba and one-fourth in Osaka) is studying the following researches:

  1. Structure/ function analysis of biological molecules and upgrading of molecular technologies
  2. Development of technologies to prevent diseases by utilization of biological homeostatic functions
  3. Development of animal models of diseases and detection methodologies of disease-related molecules for in vivo evaluation systems
  4. Development of measurement and analysis technologies for biomolecules and upgrading of standardization infrastructure

Thus, we perform a wide range of studies that act as a bridge between basic research and the process of commercialization of the application for contributing to drug discoveries and advanced clinical treatments by evaluating the structure and function and their regulation mechanism of molecules at any levels between a molecular and organism scales. Furthermore, we strengthen the AIST hub function to support academia, biomedical industries and international research organizations for global competitiveness in basic high value research, international standardization of biotechnology and applications.