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Group Introduction

Functional Biomolecular Research Group

Topics and News

3rd Feb. 2017 Takaaki SATO Chief Senior researcher become a editorial board member of Scientific Reports

Introduction to research

Over View:
Functional analysis of biomolecules and cells has been done at the various level, from structural analysis of proteins to analysis of live animals. Based on this basic research, we are developing new technologies that contribute to drug discovery development. In particular, we focus on the following subjects.

  • Development of disease model animals, cells, medaka using technology such as genome editing
  • Development of stem cell manufacturing technology
  • Structural analysis of proteins to enhance protein function
  • Development of novel thermophilic bacterial expression vector
  • Development of disease detection technology applied to the olfactory system

List of Publications



  • Kazuyuki KIYOSUE (Research Group Leader)

  • Syunsuke YUBA

  • Takashi KAWASAKI

  • Shouhei MINE

  • Tomomi TANI

  • Riki TOITA

  • Youki SHIMIZU