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Group Introduction

Functional Biomolecular Research Group

Introduction to research

Understanding the elaborate mechanisms of living organisms will make it possible to elucidate the causes of diseases, to develop new therapeutic methods, and to identify useful biomolecules and apply them. In particular, by creating a disease model, it is possible to analyze systems from molecules to individuals. Our group is conducting research using stem cells, small rodents, and even small fish. We are also focusing on developing new imaging systems necessary for functional analysis. The main issues below.

  • Create and apply disease models using cells, mice, and small fishes using techniques such as genome editing
  • R & D leading to “Nanomedicine” using inflammation model animals
  • Development of new microscopic system such as visualization of molecular function and straucture
  • Structure-based development of enzyme having thermostability
  • Development of stem cell manufacturing technology

List of Publications



  • Tomomi TANI (Research Group Leader)

  • Riki TOITA

  • Tomonori DEGUCHI

  • Hideaki TAKATA

  • Youki SHIMIZU

  • Marie MITA