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Group Introduction

Biomolecule Design Research Group

Introduction to research

For the development of new pharmaceuticals, BioMolecule Design (BMD) Research Group is studying structure and function of various proteins and developing novel biocompatible materials.

1) We aim to elucidate structure-function relationships of important proteins for designing of enzyme inhibitors, control of molecular assembly, and creating artificial proteins. Based on findings in molecular/cellular mechanisms of bioluminescence systems, we develop novel technologies of artificial proteins, BRET-based auto-illuminated fluorescence proteins (BAF).

2)We synthesize novel functional biocompatible materials by modifying biodegradable polymers for the purpose of regenerative treatment. Furthermore, we evaluate bioabsorbability of the above synthesized materials.

Protein crystallography

Conversion of molecular assembly

Improvement of "BAF-probes"

Novel functional biomolecule materials

Molecular design of enzyme inhibitor

List of Publications



  • Tsutomu Nakamura (Research Group Leader)

  • Atsuyoshi Nakayama

  • Naoko Yamano

  • Hideto Hoshino

  • Norioki Kawasaki

  • Nobuo Fukuda

  • Tomoki Himiyama

  • Masami Kojima (Molecular and Cellular Pathology Research Team)