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Group Introduction

Biomolecule Design Research Group

Introduction to research

1) We aim to elucidate structure-function relationships of important proteins and to design artificial proteins by controlling protein structure, molecular assembly, conjugation with functional groups, and so on. Based on PDB structural data, we develop new artificial proteins and the methods for using bioactive proteins through hybrids with natural fiber materials.

2) We aim to create strains suitable for producing useful substances by modifying and integrating cell functions in combination with regulation of sexual reproduction of microorganisms.

3) We investigate the biodegradability of films, non-woven fabrics, foam in the environment and in vivo for polyamide4 and their composite material, polylactic acid, urethane polymers, and research on functionalization by combining with biomolecules. We also aim to control biodegradability of these products depending on the stimuli from the environment.

List of Publications



  • Yasuo Mitani (Research Group Leader)

  • Atsuyoshi Nakayama

  • Norioki Kawasaki

  • Shohei Mine

  • Hideto Hoshino

  • Tomoki Himiyama

  • Shodai Hino

  • Kentaro Akiyama