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Group Introduction

Medical and Biological Engineering Research Group

Introduction to research

Medical and Biological Engineering Research Group aims at developing seeds of new human-related industries based on cell-and biomedical-engineering.

  • We are developing specific biomarkers for diagnosing diseases and evaluating therapies by using lipid peroxidation products.
  • We contribute to medical and biotechnological fields by visualizing the gene dynamics, which determines physiological function in the cells.
  • We are developing a next-generation antibodies for application to molecularly-targeted therapy and disease diagnosis.
  • Based on elucidation of perception and cognition mechanisms, we are developing the sound evaluation technology to provide comfortable living space.
  • We aim for understanding and predicting vital phenomenon by in silico analyzes of molecular dynamics and human behavior.

Medical and biological engineering RG

List of Publications



  • Mototada SHICHIRI(Research Group Leader)

  • Yoshiharu SOETA


  • Yoko AKAZAWA

  • Hideaki TAKATA