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About BMD

Advanced Genome Design Research Group

Research Outline

Advanced Genome Design Research Group aims at developing eminent biotechnology based on studies of microorganisms and higher organisms. We are focusing on the following issues:

  • Unraveling of the transcriptional mechanism to express drug resistance in bacteria
  • Elucidation of gene transcription regulation mechanism in dinoflagellate
  • R&D and Co-commercialization of the bioprocess of R-3-hyroxybutyrate (ketone body).
  • Establishment of the original genome editing technology “Partly Overlapped Direct Repeat (PODiR)”.
  • Development of novel bioindustorial technologies for bioproduction and medical uses by genome editing of higher organisms including plants, fish, and birds.

Advanced Genome Design RG

List of Publications



  • Isao Oishi(Research Group Leader)

  • Yoshikazu Kawata

  • Hideaki Maseda

  • Chun Wu

  • Mio Takeuchi

  • Tomonori Deguchi