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About BMD

Advanced Medical Devices Research Group

Research Outline

In expectation of a super-aging society in Japan, provision of novel healthcare services addressed to telemedicine and preventive medicine is an urgent issue. We aim to develop medical and health-related devices to measure the biomarkers and hazardous substances using micro- and nano-technologies. Furthermore, we have also been the challenge of developing of biomaterials to realize novel drug delivery system and cell manipulation.

Development of medical devices for measuring biomarkers in lifestyle

  • On-chip integration of measurement systems controlled surface properties
  • Basic and generic research for rapid assay and downsizing of evaluation instrument
  • Construction of novel assay methods utilizing biological function

Application of novel nano materials to life science researches

  • Protein engineering to develop next-generation antibodies
  • Development of novel cell manipulation technologies using protein-based biomaterials
  • Development of optical gas sensors using fluorescent quantum dots

List of Publications



  • Hidenori Nagai(Research Group Leader)

  • Masanori Ando

  • Hironori Yamazoe

  • Shunsuke Furutani

  • Takaaki Kurinomaru