Bruno Watier Bruno Watier is full-time professor.He joined JRL as CNRS delegate in 2023. Since 1999, he has been Associate Professor at Universite de Toulouse 3 (UT3), LAAS-CNRS laboratory, France, in the Gepetto team. He received the Ph.D. degree in mechanics from ENSAM in 1997 and the Habilitation degree from UT3 in 2015, respectively. His research focuses on human movement analalysis, motion control and human-robot interaction. He organized several conferences and workshops related to biomechanics. Bruno Watier currently leads 4 french national ANR project. He is president of the Société de Biomécanique and lead a major degree in sport performance.

The publication list may not be complete, especially for publications prior to 2017. We are working on updating it.
Title Authors Conference/Book Year bib pdf
Instability during Stepping and Distance between the Center of Mass and the Minimal Moment Axis: Effect of Age and Speed B. Watier, J. Begue, H. Pillet, T. Caderby Applied Sciences 2023
Use of adult anthropometric tables to estimate children body segment inertial parameters G. Sabrina Otmani, B. Watier International Biomechanics 2023