Scientific understanding of the manufacturing process to create an optimal process chain that achieves the required functionality

About Us

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute has been engaged in research on "manufacturing technology" to meet the demands of society. As we enter an era of declining birthrates and an aging population, "smart manufacturing" is being discussed as a trump card for dealing with a serious labor shortage, and we believe that "manufacturing science" is the foundation for this. By understanding the manufacturing process scientifically and creating the optimal process chain (design, processing, and evaluation) to achieve the required functions, differentiated production technologies will be created, and the use of information technologies such as IoT and AI will form an even stronger production system. As a group of data scientists, we practice data-driven manufacturing and think together with the industrial community to create inventive and smart manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Process Chain

Optimal process chain to achieve the required functions
Processing ▶︎ Evaluation: constant feedback from all processes to designs ものづくりプロセスチェーンの図



Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, which promotes the research and development of “Monodukuri (in Japanese ものづくり) technology”, will develop our research activities open to the outside world with the awareness of returning our findings to society. So, we will listen to the requests and problems of the industrial community and respond to them with sincerity.

The environment surrounding manufacturing has been changing dramatically in recent years due to the declining birthrate, aging population, carbon neutrality, circular economy, DX, etc. In line with these changes, a paradigm shift in manufacturing technology is also expected to occur. It is difficult for individual researchers to answer these increasingly complex and multilayered issues. While respecting the initiative of each researcher, our institute also emphasizes fusion research through collaboration that transcends individual and group boundaries, aiming to build a foundation of knowledge that supports manufacturing technology.

Your voice is the inspiration for our ideas and the seed of new manufacturing technologies. Please feel free to contact us with your problems and requests.

DirectorMIYAKE Koji