Remanufacturing Research Group

Simultaneous pursuit of functionality and energy- and material- efficienty in life cycle of devices and products



The research group works on R&D to develop materials and devices that achieve high functionality and minimum consumptions of enery and materials. The topics include:(1) development of high functionality materials using novel coating technology (saving energy in manufacturing and advancing the functionalities);(2) deveice remanufacturing by repair and upgrades; and(3) life cycle assessment (LCA), reliability evaluation, design for remanufacturing (DfRem), and life cycle engineering (LCE).


Remanufacturing, Photo-assisted metal organic deposition (MOD), On-demand repair/upgrade, Device design for remanufacturing, Adhesive bonding and separation, Life cycle engineering (LCE), Circular economy indicators


  • 1.Photo-assisted chemical solution deposition (PACSD) and circular manufacturing
    Photo-assisted chemical solution deposition (PACSD) and circular manufacturing

    Achieving carbon neutral and circular economy is a pressing challenge. Our research group aims at supporting transforming conventional "take-make-dispose" linear economy to a circular economy through developing new manufacturing techniques and processes. In particular, focusing on R&D of design for remanufacturing (DfRem) and process technologies for remanufaturing, we conduct R&D of high functional devices with high functionality and high durability, and of their remanufacturing processes.

  • 2.Development of on-demand repair technology
    Development of on-demand repair technology

    To realize high-mix, low-volume production technology for large-area circuit boards and micro components, we are developing a process to repair defects and degradation of components and devices in the manufacturing process and after use, and a system to quickly detect manufacturing defects. We are also engaged in the development of upgrade technologies by changing the design or adding functions to components and devices.

  • 3.Product life cycle engineering (LCE) for remanufacturing
    Product life cycle engineering (LCE) for remanufacturing

    The research group works on R&D of design for remanufacturing (DfReman), production systems and information platform for remanufacturing. The conditions of cores (used-products collected for remanufacturing) vary significantly, and thus the techniques of digital transformation (DX) and artificial intellingece (AI) are indispensable in remanufacturing processes. We also work on life cycle assessment (LCA) of remanufacturing, resource efficiency indicators development, social acceptance analysis of remanufacturing, and overseas benchmarking of remanufacturing.


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