Additive Processes and Systems Group

Research and development of metal additive manufacturing to realize the next generation of flexible smart manufacturing


We are focusing on research and development of metal additive manufacturing (Metal 3D Printer) to realize the next generation of flexible smart manufacturing. We are also studying the concept of a next-generation factory that responds to the diversity of products, and researching product remanufacturing, which is an element of cyclical production that keeps using manufactured products and parts as long as possible.
In addition to the development of various basic technologies for metal additive manufacturing shown below, we are also working on deep electro chemical etching with laser assistance (DEEL) and spherical motors that enable 3-axis rotational drive.


  • 1.Research and Development of Metal Additive Manufacturing

    We are conducting R&D on metal additive manufacturing in an integrated manner, from machine tool development to development of manufacturing methods, clarification of processing phenomena, development of evaluation technologies, development of applications, and development of powder materials. We have developed directed energy deposition (DED) and powder bed fusion (PBF) equipment, and are conducting research and development using these equipment, particularly in the areas of fabricating of dissimilar materials, microstructure control, and precision manufacturing. We are also conducting basic research on new manufacturing methods such as wire DED and plasma DED. As evaluation technologies, we are developing in-process monitoring and internal defect detection using laser ultrasonics. We are also developing powder materials and plasma powder processing for metal additive manufacturing.

  • 2.Propose and study next-generation factory concept for high-mix, variable-volume production

    We are proposing and examining next-generation factory concepts that will level out the variation in the work ethic, capabilities, and location of activities of the people and reduce the labor-related diversity and problems through a large-scale understanding of the production functions and capacities of domestic factories. Based on an analysis of the current state of manufacturing, transport, and automation technologies, we are examining new technology proposals that can obtain the functions required for the concept, the evolution, organization, and integration of existing technologies, and a policy of collaboration between humans and automated machines. In addition, we are developing technologies to link machine tools by hardware, such as the development of new parts transfer methods, and technologies to link machine tools by software, utilizing IoT, AI, and other technologies, in order to automate high-mix, variable-volume production.

  • 3.Research of Product Remanufacturing

    Remanufacturing is the process of disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, repairing, reassembling, and finally inspecting used products to make them as functional as new. Its promotion contributes to the promotion of resource recycling and is a requirement for achieving sustainable consumption and production. We are conducting research on operations research (efficiency improvement of production processes) related to remanufacturing, demand-side preference analysis for re-manufactured products, consideration of the application of additive manufacturing technologies, environmental assessment, resource efficiency assessment, and product life cycle design.


  • Study of wire-fed additive manufacturing technology using laser In additive manufucturing, it is expected that big volume lamination becomes faster or easier if lamination material is supplied solid like metal wire. Therefore, we try to develop such a additive manufucturing technology. View more
  • The study for quality optimization of metal powders for additive manufacturing using plasma technology. So far, raw metal powders for additive manufacturing are generally expensive and the usable kinds are limited. To overcome these issues, our research group is making an intense study on plasma treatment technologies for metal powders. View more