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Bioproduction Research Institute

Successful Evolution of E. coli into Insect Symbiotic Bacteria

-A single mutation makes ordinary bacteria into essential symbiotic bacteria that support survival of host stinkbug-

Bioproduction Research Institute

Identification of Genes Essential for Metamorphosis from Nymphs to Adults in Damselflies and Dragonflies

-Elucidation of new functions of transcription factors that control insect metamorphosis-

Bioproduction Research Institute

Discovery of Host Protein Essential for Maternal Transmission of Symbiotic Bacteria from Mother to Her Nymphs

-Mother stinkbugs produce symbiont capsules to their offspring at the expense of their own survival-

Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Research Institute

Development of Technology for Profiling Glycans in Individual Cells

-Single-cell analysis technology that contributes to discovering drugs and regenerative medicines-

Biomedical Research Institute

Development of New Mouse Model for Early Stage of Alzheimer's Disease

-Expectation for elucidating the pathogenic mechanisms and developing methods to prevent and improve cognitive impairment-

Biotechnology Research Institute for Drug Discovery

Automatic High-Speed Laser Processing of Cultured Cells Using a Photoresponsive Polymer

- Realization of high-speed mass processing based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology -

Bioproduction Research Institute

Production of Lignin-Free Wood

-Replacement of plant secondary cell walls with primary cell wall-

Molecular Profiling Research Center for Drug Discovery

New Clue to the Cause of Gender-Specific Diseases

-Use of epigenetics to solve mysterious inheritance patterns that cannot be explained by Mendel's law-

Biomedical Research Institute

Mass Production of Useful Recombinant Proteins Using Chicken Eggs Through Genome Editing

- Expected to realize biological factories with chickens that lay "golden eggs"-

Biomedical Research Institute

Production of Euglena-derived Substances That Boost Secretion of a Weight-loss Hormone

- Potential to improve metabolic syndrome with a substance from Euglena -

Bioproduction Research Institute

Development of Technology to Analyze Antibiotic Resistance Mutations in Ribosomal RNAs

- For the construction of a resistance mutation database useful for early detection of resistant bacteria -

Bioproduction Research Institute

Leaf Beetles Digest Food Leaves by Enzymes from a Bacterial Symbiont

-Discovery of a genome-reduced symbiont specialized for pectin degradatio-

Bioproduction Research Institute

Bacterial Symbiont Responsible for Weevils' Hardness

-Discovery of symbiotic bacteria specialized for tyrosine synthesis and essential for hardening and coloring of host's exoskeleton-

Bioproduction Research Institute

Experimental Verification of the Evolutionary Neutrality of the 16S rRNA Gene, an Indicator for Evolutionary Taxonomy

-Another important finding is also relevant to consideration of the gene's fitness as an indicator-