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May. 9, 2023
Announcement of the 21st LS-BT Joint Meeting
Apr. 17, 2023
latest research:Successful Evolution of E. coli into Insect Symbiotic Bacteria
Feb. 17, 2023
latest research:Identification of Genes Essential for Metamorphosis from Nymphs to Adults in Damselflies and Dragonflies
Nov. 10, 2021
latest research:A mutual cooperation mechanism whereby symbiotic bacteria make pest insects resistant to insecticides
Jly. 27, 2021
latest research:Development of Technology for Profiling Glycans in Individual Cells
Dec. 7, 2018
latest research:Automatic High-Speed Laser Processing of Cultured Cells Using a Photoresponsive Polymer
Oct. 2, 2018
latest research:Production of Lignin-Free Wood
Sep.26, 2018
latest research:New Clue to the Cause of Gender-Specific Diseases
Jly. 9, 2018
latest research:Mass Production of Useful Recombinant Proteins Using Chicken Eggs Through Genome Editing
May 21, 2018
latest research:Production of Euglena-derived Substances That Boost Secretion of a Weight-loss Hormone
Apr. 3, 2018
latest research:Development of Technology to Analyze Antibiotic Resistance Mutations in Ribosomal RNAs
Jan.26, 2018
latest research:Elucidation of the Mechanism of Action of Anti-Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Drug and the Mechanism of Drug Resistance Using HBV Reverse Transcriptase (RT)-Chimeric Human Immunodeficiency Virus RT
Jan.18, 2018
latest research:Rapid Development of Insecticide Resistance in Pests via Symbiotic Bacteria
Nov.17, 2017
latest research:Leaf Beetles Digest Food Leaves by Enzymes from a Bacterial Symbiont
Sep.19, 2017
latest research:Bacterial Symbiont Responsible for Weevils' Hardness
Aug.30, 2017
latest research:Experimental Verification of the Evolutionary Neutrality of the 16S rRNA Gene, an Indicator for Evolutionary Taxonomy
Apr. 4, 2017
News: Information on the First Round of 2017 AIST Recruitment for Research Scientists is now open