For the sustainable society with long life in good health

Department of Life Science and Biotechnology

Realizing a healthy, active, aged society and creating a sustainable society

A society in which people live a long life in good health and at ease, and a sustainable society with reduced environmental load is desired. We are contributing to life innovation by developing new technologies to evaluate health and to promote drug discovery, as well as to maintain, improve, and recover health according to individual conditions. We are also contributing to green innovation by developing technologies to reduce environmental loads using bioprocesses.

Tamura Tomohiro Chiba Yasunori Aburatani Sachiyo Kim Hyonchol
Tamura Tomohiro
Director General
Chiba Yasunori
Director General
Aburatani Sachiyo
Research Planning Office
Kim Hyonchol
Collaboration Promotion Office


Outline of priority strategies

● Technologies for drug discovery

To speed up drug development, we are developing technologies for rapid screening and optimization of candidate compounds. To replace time-consuming screening processes, we are developing drug design methods based on structural analysis. We have also developed the world's largest natural compound library and cancer diagnostics based on glycobiology.

● Technologies for health and medical care

To promote health and longevity, we are developing technologies for health care and medical devices which include POCT diagnostic devices for infectious diseases, POCT health checkd evices , and biocompatibility materials. To regenerate damaged tissues with stem cells, we are developing technologies for amplifying, reprogramming, and screening of stem cells which meet our high criteria.

● Technologies for bioproduction

To realize a sustainable society, we are developing fossil fuel-replacing bio-fuel, chemical raw materials, and active pharmaceutical ingredients derived from biological sources. We are exploring microorganisms and plants to produce these environment-friendly materials and refining recombinant technologies.

Outline of priority strategies