About us

Social Issues and Responses of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory

  • We are working on measures to counter the declining birthrate and aging population as social issues to be solved.
  • With regard to declining birthrate, we are working on therapeutic and diagnostic technologies for infertility, neonatal healthcare monitoring, and early detection of developmental disorders.
  • To address the problem of the aging population, our goal is to realize a “lifelong active society”, a society where people are active throughout their lives. As Japan becomes the world’s first super-aged society, it will face various problems, such as declining economic power due to a decrease in the workforce and widening health disparities between regions. The key to solving such social issues is the realization of a lifelong active society, and extension of healthy life expectancy is essential for achieving it.
  • To extend healthy life expectancy, we promote basic research aiming to build Universal Medical Access, with which anyone anywhere in Japan can receive reliable medical care, which enables early detection of diseases and social reintegration without compromising quality of life even after disease onset.