Development and disclosure of advanced measurement and analysis technology by AIST Nanocharacterization Facility (ANCF)

AIST is developing advanced measurement and analysis technology with the aim of strengthening domestic industries, leading the creation of new industries, and contributing to social innovation. Our mission is to create measurement technologies that make the invisible visible, and then to apply such technologies to various fields to refine them as formed analytical methods. To achieve this mission, we are trying to solve problems in society by sharing the equipment and technology that we have developed. At ANCF, we mainly offer our proprietary measuring equipment and technologies for common use that are not commercially available. For example, one of AIST’s unique devices, the positron probe microanalyzer, uses a positron microbeam generated from an electron accelerator; there is only one other similar device in the world, in Germany. In addition, AIST has developed a superconducting detector for X-ray absorption fine structure analyzers and scanning electron microscopes to achieve higher resolution and sensitivity than existing devices. Even with transient absorption spectroscopes, real surface probe microscopes, and solidostate NMR devices, we have achieved unsurpassed performance by precisely combining basic commerciallyavailable devices and applying highly skilled sample preparation methods and analytical methods.

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