Geodynamics Research Group

We conduct the research on processes and characteristics of geodynamics and related geological phenomena extend over a long period of time, such as earthquakes, faulting, volcanoes, magma intrusions, uplift, erosion and so on, to evade and/or evaluate the impact of the above geological phenomena. The results will be applied as supporting researches for Nuclear Regulation on performance assessment of natural barrier system of the geological disposal.

The image shows the research related to the Geodynamics Research Group. We study the effects of geological changes such as earthquakes, active faults, volcanism, magmatic activity, uplift and erosion on the subsurface environment on a time scale as long as 100,000 years.


Makoto Otsubo ( Leader, Group)

I research underground geological characteristics, dynamic geological processes, and the long-term stability of geological environments to understand possibilities of the fault movements, volcanic activity and uplift/erosion. I study constructing long-term dynamic geological modeling for connections between fault and volcanic activities by using the Tectonophysics approaches.


Daisuke Asahina (Senior Researcher)

My research work centers on computational geomechanics. Most of my research has involved using numerical simulations to study mechanical processes and damage evolution of geomaterials. In particular, I am studying initiation and propagation of fractures, as well as transport through permeable media under dynamically changing hydrologic and mechanical conditions. My current research includes validation of coupled models for the geomechanical and hydrogeologic processes associated with disturbances surrounding the excavation for disposal of radioactive waste, which may affect the ability of the repository to isolate waste from the human environment.

Kazumi Ito (Senior Researcher)
Yuji Ishii (Researcher)
Hinako Hosono (Researcher)
Sumire Maeda (Researcher)
Hitoshi Tsukamoto (Invited Senior Researcher)

I have been working as engineering geologist and hydrogeologist focusing on hydrogeology and groundwater flow system in granitic rocks for the safety disposal of nuclear waste, but nowadays my current research is to solve the contaminated water issues at the TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station site and its nearby area based on hydrogeology.

Akane Yamamoto (Research Assistant)
Yuuki Maeda (Research Assistant)
Yuki Furuno (Technical Staff)