Caldera Volcano Research Group

Caldera Volcano Research Group explores large-scale eruptions which produce voluminous ignimbrite and collapse caldera. Our researches target the evolution of magma plumbing system toward catastrophic eruption, sequence of caldera-forming eruption, and the impact of eruption on the environments, making full use of the geological, petrological and geophysical methods. These researches are carried in collaboration with Volcanic Activity Research Group and Magmatic Activity Research Group.



Nobuo Geshi (Leader, Group)


Shinji Takarada (Chief Senior Researcher)


Isoji Miyagi (Senior Researcher)

My research interest is in any of those related to magmatic water. In recent years particular emphasis has been placed on understanding the amount of magmatic water. Please check out my web page at:


Tadashi Yamasaki (Senior Researcher)

Keiko Matsumoto (Researcher)

Ayumu Nishihara (Research Assistant)

Yasuaki Kaneda (Research Assistant)

Hideo Hoshizumi (Technical staff)

Emi Kariya (Technical staff)

Joel Bandibas (Technical staff)

Ikuko Yamada (Technical staff)

Fumihiko Ikegami (Technical staff)