Earthquake Hazard Assessment Research Group

We research into prediction of strong ground motion, evaluation of subsurface deformation, and efficient feedback of our research results to the society.

The goal of our study on subsurface deformation is to establish an quantitative evaluation method in which geological/geomorphological data on the deformation and numerical simulation are combined. In the simulation, we consider the interaction between faulting in the seismogenic layer and deformation within the subsurface layer. We also conduct geophysical prospecting to reveal subsurface deformation in detail especially near surface.

For prediction of strong ground motion, we construct realistic fault models (e.g., fault geometry and heterogeneous slip distribution) of future earthquakes and subsurface velocity models.
In addition, we provide our results including ambiguity and evidences in an effective manner so that the results will be useful and attractive to the society.

Fault geometry inferred from geological structure at a few km.

Fault geometry inferred from geological structure at a few km. Note that the inferred fault extends to over 10 depth.


Hidetaka Saomoto (Leader, Group)

Briefly speaking, most of my research toppics are related to Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in civil and geotechnical engineering.
Recent topics are summarized as follows:
・Prediction of ground deformation caused by fault movement
・Topology optimization for fault shape assessment
・Genetic algorithm-based displacement extraction from LiDAR dataset
・Evaluation of geomaterial properties by using Digital Rock Physics

Masayuki Yoshimi (Senior Researcher)
Yuko Kase (Senior Researcher)

My research interest is dynamic rupture process depending on fault geometry. Based on geomorphological and geological observations and numerical simulations, I mainly investigate mechanism of multi-segmented rupturing, and also propose probable earthquake source models.

Takashi Ogami (Senior Researcher)
Hiro Nimiya (Researcher)
Jun Katagir (Senior Researcher)
Takayuki Shinohara (Researcher)
Kosuke Ota (AIST Postdoctoral Researcher)