Jun'ichi Itoh (Director)


Koji Masuda (Deputy Director)

I am studying on earthquake generation and faulting processes based on high-pressure and high-temperature experiments in the laboratory. My research interests include experimental rock deformation, effects of water on rock deformation, earthquake mechanics, and high-pressure mineralogy.


Osamu Fujiwara (Deputy Director)


Yukinobu Okamura (Prime Senior Researcher)


Hiroshi Shinohara (Prime Senior Researcher)

My main interest is to understand eruption and degassing processes based on surveillance of volcanic gases and volatiles in magmas. I recently developed Multi-GAS (a portable instrument to measure volcanic gas composition) and applied to active degassing plumes of various volcanoes in many countries as well as to conduct continuous monitoring. We evaluate the volcanic activity and model eruption and degassing processes based on the spatial and temporal variation of the volcanic gases. We also investigate volcanic activity with hydrothermal system based on the surveillance of fumarolic gases.

HP: Magmatic Activity Research Group

Takahiro Yamamoto (Principal Research Manager)

Hideo Hoshizumi (Research Manager)