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Research Teams

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Novel Functional Materials Team

Leader, Team, Kazutoshi KOJIMA

The New Functional Materials Team conducts research and development on epitaxial growth technology for wide-gap semiconductor materials such as SiC, nitrides, and diamonds for power device applications, in-process epitaxial growth technology for device structure fabrication, and material evaluation.

Novel Functional Devices Team

Leader, Team, Toshiharu MAKINO

We are developing technologies for power devices, environmentally resistant devices, quantum sensor devices, and other devices with new functions by utilizing the unique properties of wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC and diamond.

Diamond Wafer Team

Leader, Team, Hideaki YAMADA

We are conducting research and development aimed at social implementation of diamond based on high-quality and large (> cm to inch) diamond wafer fabrication technology and electronic device technology.

Wafer Process Team

Leader, Team, Tomohisa KATOU

We are conducting research and development of growth technology for wide-gap semiconductor bulk single crystals such as SiC and nitride, cutting and polishing technology for highly brittle single crystal materials, integrated wafer fabrication process technology using these materials, and crystal evaluation technology.

Power Device Team

Leader, Team, Mitsuo OKAMOTO

Toward the full-scale commercialization of wide-gap semiconductor power devices, we are conducting research and development aimed at creating high-performance, high-reliability power devices and new fundamental technologies, mainly through joint research with companies.

Power Circuit Integration Team

Leader, Team, Hiroshi SATO

We are conducting research and development of discrete packages, power modules, modules with built-in high heat-resistant components, circuit technology (main circuit technology, gate circuit technology), etc., for the widespread use of wide-gap semiconductors in society.

Power Device Application Design Team

Leader, Team, Takeharu KUROIWA

We will promote the development of new application fields using SiC device/module technologies inherited from public projects. In addition, we will develop new evaluation and analysis technologies and compile a database of evaluation and analysis information obtained for the purpose of establishing a platform for evaluation and analysis of next-generation power semiconductor materials and devices.

Fabrication Engineering Team

Leader, Team, Akihisa TERANO

The center is mainly engaged in joint research with TPEC (Tsukuba Power Electronics Constellations), an open innovation platform, and other organizations, and is developing technologies for device mass production and elemental processes by utilizing the 4-inch wafer power device prototyping line in the West 5D building, which is managed and operated by the center. The center is also developing technologies for device mass production and elemental process technologies. The prototype device chips are also provided to various applications.

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