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Since the establishment of AIST, the Advanced Power Electronics Research Center has consistently worked on the innovation of power electronics technology, which is a power control technology. We are conducting research and development activities aiming at the establishment of technology and its early social implementation.

What's New

Dr. Atsushi Yao, won the 2022 Publication Award of the Magnetics Society of Japan
Diamond research activities were introduced in the Electron Device Industry News (in Japanese)
Renewal of HP
Held on July 27, 2022! About TPEC 10th Anniversary Special Lecture
EDP Corporation, founded as an AIST-launched venture, listed on the Growth Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange  
The research group led by Senior Researcher Mitsuo Okamoto of our Research Center won the NE Power Electronics Award 2021 Grand Prize


Advanced Power Electronics Research Center

Address : AIST Tsukuba West 5A-2106, 16-1 Onogawa, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8569, Japan
Phone: +81-29-861-5050 Fax: +81-29-861-5032
Email: adperc_info-ml* (Please convert "*" to "@".)

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