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Radioactivity and Neutron Standards Group


Development of activity and neutron standards and their calibration services.

Research and development of measurement techniques of activity and neutron.

Group's Research Theme

Fig.1: Certified reference material of brown rice for radioactive cesium analysis

Development of activity measurement techniques and standards

We are developing various standards for activity measurements. We have developed a brown rice reference material for radioactive cesium analysis. It is widely used in measuring institutes for improving their capabilities.
We are assisting their activities by conducting proficiency tests continuously.

Fig.2: Calibration of a neutron survey meter

Development of neutron measurement techniques and standards

We are developing neutron calibration fields to test or calibrate various neutron detectors being used in nuclear, medical and other industrial fields for securing their reliabilities.

Staff Members

position & name field of expertise email address
Group Leader
  email addressa.yunoki[at]
Senior Researcher
Yasushi  SATO
  email addressyss.sato[at]
Senior Researcher
  email addresst-matsumoto[at]
Senior Researcher
Yasuhiro UNNO
  email addressy.unno[at]
Senior Researcher
Hideki  HARANO
  email addressh-harano[at]
Akihiko MASUDA
  email addressaki-masuda[at]
  email addressrio.furukawa[at]

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