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Non-destructive Measurement GroupグループのHP

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a key technology for daily life. Our group conducts research to develop new techniques and instruments for non-destructive testing. The main research topics are; 1) development of ultrasonic propagation imaging system and image processing technique for damage detection, 2) development of rapid and accurate deformation measurement system using fringe pattern by phase analysis technique and 3) characterization of physical properties at ultra-high temperatures of carbon materials.

Group's Research Theme

Fig.1:  An image showing ultrasound propagation

    of a metallic pipe having a defect on an inside wall


Development of SHM using ultrasound

Damage detection by ultrasonic propagation imaging

For damage detection of materials and structures, visualized ultrasound propagation data are more useful than waveform data.  We are developing a contact-free nondestructive imaging system, which can easily visualize ultrasound wave propagation on the surface of an arbitrary shaped object, using thermal excitation of ultrasound by laser and its scanning. We are also developing image processing techniques to emphasize signals resulting from defects.


Fig.2:Measurement of small-displacement distribution

    for large-scale structures by using advanced

    image processing technique

Displacement measurement for large-scale structures utilizing image processing techniques

A simple and accurate full-field displacement measurement technique was developed for large-scale structures. The displacement distribution is determined from each single grating image before and after deformation. A sub-millimeter deflection in a 10-meter-long structure was successfully detected through this technique.

Fig.3: Jig of Tensile Test under High Temperature

Characterization of physical properties of carbon materials

Techniques and instruments for measuring physical properties of carbon materials, such as artificial graphite electrodes and carbon fibers, under some ambiences suited for industrial application are developed. Our targets are the standardization of the characterization procedures and database construction.

Staff Members

position & name field of expertise email address, home page
Group Leader
Nobuyuki TOYAMA
Composites science & technology, Non-destructive evaluation, Ultrasonic testing, Structural health monitoring email addresstoyama-n[at]
Chief Senior Researcher
Inorganic material science, Carbon material, Carbon fiber, Carbon fiber-reinforced composite email addressn-iwashita[at]
Senior Researcher
Kazuhiro FUJITA
Carbon fiber, Composite materials engineering email addressk-fujita[at]
Senior Researcher
Hideki NAGAI
Computational mechanics, Structural mechanics email addressnagai-h[at]
Senior Researcher
Wave propagation email addresstetsuya.yamamoto[at]
Senior Researcher
Shien RI
Optical method, Image measurement, Experimental mechanics email addressri-shien[at]
Senior Researcher
Qinghua WANG
Image processing, Deformation measurement, Material mechanics email addresswang.qinghua[at]

Peng XIA
3D measurement, Digital holography, Phase imaging email addressp.xia[at]

Jiaxing YE
Machine learning, Signal processing, Intelligent system development for NDT applications email[at]

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