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Ionizing Radiation Standards GroupグループのHP

We are developing national dosimetry standards of gamma-rays, X-rays, beta-rays for radiological protection, medical application, and industry, which contribute to safety use of radiation. We are also developing relevant measurement technologies, such as measurement technologies of environmental radiation, ion beams, and so on.

Group's Research Theme

Fig.1 Dose evaluation of radiation from a linac

Development of dose standards for medical radiological equipments

We are developing measurement standards for radiation therapy, such as high energy photon beams and electron beams from a clinical linac, Ir-192 brachytherapy, and carbon ion beams.

Fig.2 Calibration system for low level radiation

Development of dose standards for eye lens

We are developing standards on 3 mm dose equivalent for beta-rays and low energy X-rays, which are important for the evaluation of dose in eye lens.

Fig.3 Development of measurement technology for environmental radiation

Development of measurement technology required for the Fukushima accident

We are developing the technique to measuring environmental radiation, calibration technique for low level dose rate, and so on.

Staff Members

position & name field of expertise email address
Group Leader
  email addresstadahiro-kurosawa[at]
Senior Researcher
Masahiro KATO
  email addressmasahiro-katou[at]
Senior Researcher
  email addressaist-morishita[at]
Senior Researcher
Takahiro TANAKA
  email addresstakahiro-tanaka[at]
Senior Researcher
Morihito SHIMIZU
  email addressmorihito-shimizu[at]
  email addresshidetoshi.yamaguchi[at]
  email addressjunya-ishii[アット]

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