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List of Research Groups

Materials Science Research Group  Group page

Leader TANAKA Shingo
Staff AKITA Tomoki, KIYOBAYASHI Tetsu, MAEDA Yasushi, KITTA Mitsunori, TAGUCHI Noboru, OZAKI Hiroyuki, TADA Kohei
Brief Introduction In order to contribute to the development of new devices, this research group is engaged in basic research on surface and interface phenomena of functional materials via a combination of microscopic observation using electron microscopy and scanning-probe microscopy and first-principles calculation.

Research Group of Functional Material for Energy  Group page

Leader MAEDA Yasushi
Staff MATSUMOTO Hajime, TAKEDA Sahori, KUBOTA Keigo
Brief Introduction We conduct the research and development on the new material preparations and evaluations of dynamic and reactive processes for electrochemical energy devices. On the basis of the researches on our original ideas, we would like to design the attractive materials and systems of lithium secondary battery, fuel cell and new type of devices in the future.

New Energy Carrier Research Group  Group page

Leader TAKEICHI Nobuhiko
Staff ANDO Hisanori, YAO Masaru, KATAOKA Riki, KATO Minami, UCHIDA Satoshi
Brief Introduction The demands for batteries are ever growing with respect to their energy density, safety, life-cycle, cost, concern for the resource and environment, etc. We are exploring the potential of key new material systems that can replace the current battery materials.

Advanced Electrochemical Device Research Group  Group page

Leader KOBAYASHI Hironori
Staff TAKEUCHI Tomonari, KOIKE Shinji, KURATANI Kentaro, OKUMURA Toyoki, OTOYAMA Misae
Brief Introduction Our group is mainly focused on research and development topics like the lithium rechargeable batteries needed to develop next-generation storage devices that meet safety and reliability requirement and can handle greater energy densities.

Advanced Battery Research Group  Group page

Leader SHIKANO Masahiro
Staff SAKAEBE Hikari, SANO Hikaru, MASESE Titus Nyamwaro, YOSHII Kazuki, MAEYOSHI Yuuta
Brief Introduction Our research topics mainly focused on electrode materials and interface control between the electrode and electrolyte to realize advanced rechargeable battery.

Battery System Research Group  Group page

Leader AKITA Tomoki
Staff NISHIMURA Yasuo, UEDA Atsushi, KOJIMA Toshikatsu, TABUCHI Mitsuharu, TANAKA Hideaki, SENOH Hiroshi
Brief Introduction This group has long experience in a range of materials technologies to develop hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, evaluation and analysis technologies, and integrated technologies. Our joint research with industry and university partners has promoted development of new practically-oriented materials and performance evaluation in actual battery and fuel cell systems.

Advanced Fuel Cell Research Group  Group page

Leader IOROI Tsutomu
Staff FUJIWARA Naoko, SIROMA Zyun, YAMAZAKI Shin-ichi, ASAHI Masafumi, NAGAI Tsukasa
Brief Introduction Advanced fuel cell research group is mainly engaging in the development of new materials and concept regarding polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs), which can be used for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and stationary fuel cell cogeneration systems (ENE-FARM).