Advanced Fuel Cell Research Group

Research Outline

Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFCs), formed from ion-conducting polymer membrane and platinum catalyst electrodes, are small fuel cells which can be used at room temperature. There are great expectations regarding their applications as automobile power sources, household cogeneration systems, and micro power sources for mobile electronic equipment. In order to attain high-performance fuel cells in the future, the development of new component materials and new technologies is strongly required. In addition, development of the seeds of new technologies is also desired in order to raise the functionality of fuel cells and extend their application. With the use of electrochemistry as a technological base, this group introduces new concepts and ideas for the development of next-generation technology, and carries out necessary research and developments in order to establish a basic foundation technology that will assist them to their goal.

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Name Official Position E-mail Address
IOROI Tsutomu Leader mail
FUJIWARA Naoko Senior Researcher mail
YAMAZAKI Shin-ichi Senior Researcher mail
ASAHI Masafumi Senior Researcher mail
NAGAI Tsukasa Senior Researcher mail
CHIDA Yoshihiro Researcher mail
SIROMA Zyun (Additional Post) mail



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