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Two-Dimensional Materials Nano-Device Team

2D nano material nanodevice team aims developments defect-free/functional transfer processes and doping techniques toward electronic and optics devices of 2D nano material such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs).

Defect free/functional transfer process

To develop electronic and optics devices of 2D nano materials, it is necessary to transfer to insulator materials. Our team is engaged in the high-quality transfer processes (defects and wrinkles free), and the stacking process of clean interfaces between 2D nano materials and insulator materials.

Doping techniques

Our team is engaged in doping process to control carrier density and conductivities of 2D nano materials. We are also engaged in expression of new functions by doping, and the evaluation of electrical and optical physical properties.

Team Member

Position and Name Specialization Member Page
Team Leader
Takatoshi Yamada
Electronic Material, Surface Physical Property, Interfacial Property
Senior Researcher
Yuki Okigawa
Semiconductor Physical Characteristics, Low-Dimensional Material Electronics
Senior Researcher
Takeshi Fujii 
Thin film growth, Semiconductor device bonding 
Senior Researcher
Mitsuhiro Okada
Crystal Growth, Semiconductor Properties

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