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Chemical Characterization Team

The Chemical Characterization Team is developing various characterization methods of nanocarbons for their applications. For instance, the characteristics of various carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the CNT dispersion state in dispersion liquids and composite materials, and AI technology for nanocarbon materials have been studied.

Characterization of quality and dispersion state for nanocarbon materials

The team develops versatile characterization techniques with respect to the dispersion and surface states for nanocarbon materials such as carbon nanotubes. The techniques quantitatively evaluate the dispersion state, including particle size and morphology, and the surface state, as well as functional group distribution with high spatial resolution. These analyses can comprehensively clarify the features of the materials and the affinity with solvents, rubbers, resins and so on. We will thus pave a way toward state-of-the-art nanocarbon device applications by developing performances and functions of the materials.

Characterization for the transport mechanism of nano-carbon materials

Nanocarbon materials show the various and unique electric behavior due to their naturally formed a nano-scale size, shape, electronic state and surface state. Especially, the understanding for a common behavior of these nanomaterials are important for the fundamental physics and applications. We are proposing the principle guidance for maximizing the nano-material’s properties by developing the new characterization method and revealing a new transport mechanisms.

International standardization of CNT characterization methods

Our research encourages data-driven research and developments in the fields of materials, chemistry, and engineering. We are developing innovative materials and process informatics methods for materials, process, characterization data using deep learning based artificial intelligence techniques.

Team Member

Position and Name Specialization Member Page
Prime Senior Researcher
Toshiya Okazaki
Functional Material Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Team Leader
Kazufumi Kobashi
Polymer Chemistry
Hideaki Nakajima
Spectrometry Technology, Semiconductor Properties,
Quantum Optics
Kaori Fujii
Solution physical chemistry, Laser spectroscopy
AIST Postdoctoral Researcher
Keiko Kojima
Nanomaterial chemistry, Liquid crystals 
Additional post
Hiroshi Morita

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