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Advanced Materials Team

The Advanced Materials Research Team is working on the development of advanced technologies to promote the practical applications of nanomaterials, particularly carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Specifically, the team is developing CNT synthesis and processing technologies applicable to semiconductor device applications, such as non-volatile memory and batteries by drawing on the diverse experience in nanomaterials research of our members. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to both basic science and social issues.

Team leader message

Welcome to our team homepage!
Here, we value and embrace the unique and diverse backgrounds of our members to create a collaborative and supportive environment, and where we strive to advance new technologies while also enjoying the journey along the way.
Some of my greatest successes came from failures by keeping my eyes open and utilizing the diverse resources of the group. So, failure is not bad because it might be success in disguise.

Research Topics (main people in charge)

①Development of CNT dispersion liquids and CNT film fabrication technology for non-volatile memory (Jintoku, Sakurai, Tsuji, Futaba)
② Development of CNT synthesis technology (Sakurai, Tsuji, Chen*, Futaba)
③ Elucidation of biodegradability of CNTs and the development CNT risk management technology (Zhang)
④ Digital transformation (DX) applied to the development of nanocarbon dispersions (Jintoku, Zhang)
⑤ Development of material synthesis technology using DX (Sakurai, Tsuji, Futaba)

Team Member

Position and Name Specialization Member Page
Team Leader
Shunsuke Sakurai
Inorganic chemistry
Senior Researcher
Hirokuni Jintoku
Functional organic materials, nanomaterials, dispersions, molecular aggregates
Senior Researcher
Minfang Zhang
Materials Science
Senior Researcher
Takashi Tsuji
Physical Chemistry

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