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Functional Materials Design Team

The Functional Materials Design Team will further deepen the process and composite technologies of nanocarbons, including carbon nanotubes developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and jointly develop applications for rubber, resin, metal composite materials, green energy device components, etc. that are useful for well-being in our society in cooperation with companies, aiming to promote the CNT industry in Japan. We also develop new seeds by fusing with other functional materials.

Application R&D of CNT composite materials

By suitable selecting carbon nanotubes and compositing them with general-purpose materials such as rubber, resin, and metal with our unique technology, we bring out superior characteristics and functions such as conductivity, high thermal conductivity, and strength improvement, as a support for the commercialization of companies.

Design of new function of materials by interdisciplinary integration

We design new materials based on inherent material characteristics, the spatial placement and orientation, and combinations with materials in different fields to bring out new functions. With a view to finding differentiating characteristics from conventional materials, we will also conduct practical incubation of university-issued seeds and bridge technology to companies.

Team Member

Position and Name Specialization Member Page
Team Leader
Naoyuki Matsumoto
Inorganic Material Science
Senior Researcher
Shun Muroga 
Materials Informatics, Process Informatics, Machine Learning,
Deep Learning, Polymer Materials, Composite Materials,
Nanomaterials, Molding, Spectroscopy, Imaging 
Taiyo Shimizu
Porous Materials Science
Daisuke Kimura
Fiber Science
Invited Senior Researcher
Ryoichi Kishi
(Additional Post)
Takushi Sugino

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