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Nano-Device Team

Aiming to the application of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the Nano-Device Team is developing NRAM (Nanotube Random Access Memory) devices, which are memory devices based on CNTs, and high-performance energy storage devices using CNT films as a component. Through these efforts, we aim for application development of CNT-based devices.

Development of NRAM devices

Using a dedicated clean room and device fabrication facilities, we will fabricate test devices that will enable rapid fabrication and evaluation of NRAM devices, one of the next-generation memories, in a short period of time, and promote the development of NRAM.

Development of high-performance energy storage devices

To realize high-performance Li metal anodes for Li-ion batteries, we are developing CNT film-based anodes that can suppress the growth of Li dendrites. We will also work on the development of high-performance cathode materials and all-solid-state batteries.

Team Member

Position and Name Specialization Member Page
Team Leader
Takahiro Morimoto
Condensed Matter Physics
Senior Researcher
Guohai Chen
Materials Science and Engineering
(Additional Post)
Hiroyuki Yamada

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