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Outline of the Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation (IGG)

Geological information is basic information on the land and the surrounding seas, which has been systematically compiled through geoscientific research. The Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation (IGG) conducts geological surveys for terrestrial and marine geological maps and geoscientific maps to be useful in society, and provide authentic geological information in accordance with Japanese Measurement Standards and Intellectual Infrastructure Development Plan. In particular, the Institute organize geological information for urban areas and their coastal areas to reduce the risk and impact of natural disasters in urban areas. Researches for the development, integration, and advanced use of geological information in Asia are also conducted to resopond to the international needs.

Messages from the Director

Photo of Director, Research Institute, Kohsaku ARAI

Director, Kohsaku ARAI

The earth has a long history. Even the smallest heartbeat of the earth can sometimes have a major impact on us in the form of natural disasters. At the same time, the earth provides us with resources, energy, and the global environment, which are indispensable blessings for our daily lives. The Geological Information Research Division is systematically developing and providing geological maps and geoscientific maps of Japan's land and surrounding seas. Geological information is the key information on national land for disaster prevention, resources, and the environment.

  • We will continue "geological surveys" and conduct geological surveys of the land and the surrounding seas, and develop basic geoscientific maps.
  • We will continue the "geological survey" of a coastal zone research that aims to connect marine, coastal, and land area maps.
  • We will develop 3D geological maps of urban areas using drilling data.
  • We will integrate geological information using satellite imagery.
  • We will develop human resources for geological surveys.

We will continue to disseminate geological information that supports Japanese industry and daily life. Your understanding and support will be greatly appreciated.

March 28, 2024


Staff Members

Research Institute of Geology and Geoinformation Director Kohsaku ARAI
Deputy Director Yoshinori MIYACHI
Deputy Director Atsuyuki OHTA
Principal Research Manager Rei NAKASHIMA
Prime Senior Researcher Ken IKEHARA
Chief Senior Researcher Satoshi NAKAE
Career Expert Satoru TAKAHASHI
Joint Appointed Fellow Makoto TAKEUCHI
Concurrent post Atsushi NODA
Concurrent post Koki IWAO
Concurrent post Junko KOMATSUBARA

Research Groups

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