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New Amphiphilic Squalene Derivative Improves Metabolism of Adipocytes Differentiated From Diabetic Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Prevents Excessive Lipogenesis M. Ganbold, F. Ferdousi, T. Arimura, K. Tominaga H. Isoda Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 8, 577259 (2020)
Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) Top Extract Ameliorates Cognitive Decline in Senescence Model SAMP8 Mice: Modulation of Neural Development and Energy Metabolism K. Iwata, Q. Wu, F. Ferdousi, K. Sasaki, K. Tominaga, H. Uchida, Y. Arai, F. G. Szele, H. Isoda Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 8, 573487 (2020)
ローズマリーエキスの継続摂取による日本人健常成人男性の気分状態や疲労感、認知機能の改善可能性について 荒木理沙, 佐々木一憲, 恩田浩幸, 中村俊介, 葛西雅博, 金子俊之, 礒田博子, 橋本幸一 応用薬理, 98, 61 (2020)
Effects of isorhamnetin in human amniotic epithelial stem cells in vitro and its cardioprotective effects in vivo K. Aonuma, F. Ferdousi, DZ. Xu, K. Tominaga, H. Isoda Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 8, 578197 (2020)
Interfacial and emulsifying properties of purified glycyrrhizin and non-purified glycyrrhizin-rich extracts from liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) T. Noamane, M. Bouhoute, F. Fainassi, A. Hafidi, I. Kobayashi, M. A. Neves, K. Tominaga, H. Isoda, M. Nakajima Food Chem., 337, 127949 (2020)
Microfibrillated cellulose from Argania spinosa shells as sustainable solid particles for O/W Pickering emulsions M. Bouhoute, N. Taarji, F. L. de Oliveira, Y. Habibi, I. Kobayashi, M. Zahar, H. Isoda, M. Nakajima, M. A. Neves Carbohydrate Polymers, 251, 116990 (2020)
Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase long chain (ACADL) is a target protein of stylissatin A, an anti-inflammatory cyclic heptapeptide M. Zhang, T. Sunaba, Y. Sun, T. Shibata, K. Sasaki, H. Isoda, H. Kigoshi, M. Kita J. Antibiotics, 73, 589 (2020)
Argania Spinosa Fruit Shell Extract-Induced Melanogenesis via cAMP Signaling Pathway Activation R. Makbal, MO. Villareal, C. Gadhi. A. Hafidi, H. Isoda Int. J. Mol. Sci., 21, 2539 (2020)
Tara Tannin Regulates Pigmentation by Modulating Melanogenesis Enzymes and Melanosome Transport Proteins Expression MO. Villareal, T. Chaochaiphat, M. Bejaoui, K. Sato, H. Isoda Planta Med Int Open, 7, e34 (2020)
Microarray analysis of verbenalin-treated human amniotic epithelial cells reveals therapeutic potential for Alzheimer’s Disease F. Ferdousi, S. Kondo, K. Sasaki, Y. Uchida, N. Ohkohch, YW. Zheng, H. Isoda Aging, 12, 5516 (2020)
3,4,5-Tri-O-Caffeoylquinic Acid Promoted Hair Pigmentation Through β-Catenin and Its Target Genes M. Beajoui, MO. Villareal, H. Isoda Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 8, 175 (2020)
Handgrip strength predicts new prediabetes cases among adults: A prospective cohort study CM. Manda, T. Hokimoto, T. Okura H. Isoda, H. Shimano, Y. Wagatsuma Prev. Med. Rep. 17, 101056 (2020)
Elucidation of the effect of plumbagin on the metastatic potential of B16F10 murine melanoma cells via MAPK signalling pathway FZ. Alem, M. Beajoui, MO. Villareal, B. Rhourri, H. Isoda Exper. Dermatology, 29, 4, 427 (2020)
Stimulation of insulin secretion by acetylenic fatty acids in insulinoma MIN6 cells through FFAR1 K. Nsihimoto, H. Uesugi, A. Hirasawa, A. Ohtera, Y. Miyamae, M. Neffati, H. Isoda, T. Kambe, S. Masuda, K. Irie, M. Nagao Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 522, 68 (2020)
Preparation of monodisperse O/W emulsions using a crude surface-active extract from argan by-products in microchannel emulsification N. Taarji, S. Vodo, M. Bouhoute, N. Khalid, A. Hafidi, I. Kobayashi, MA. Neves, H. Isoda, M. Nakajima Coll. Surf. A, 585, 124050 (2020)
Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid-Rich Natto Suppresses Postprandial Blood Glucose Response in the Early Phase after Meals: A Randomized Crossover Study R. Araki, T. Yamada, K. Maruo, A. Araki, R. Miyakawa, H. Suzuki, K. Hashimoto Nutrients, 12, 2374 (2020)
Synthesis of 2-(2-Hydroxyethoxy)-3-hydroxysqualene and Characterization of Its Anti-Inflammatory Effects K. Sasaki, Y. Inami, K. Tominaga, H. Kigoshi, T. Arimura, H. Isoda BioMed Res. Int., 9584567 (2020)
Antifibrotic effect of methylated quercetin derivatives on TGFβ-induced hepatic stellate cells M. Ganbold, Y. Shimamoto, F. Ferdousi, K. Tominaga, H. Isoda Biochem. Biophys. Rep., 20, 100678 (2019)
Olive leaf tea may have hematological health benefit over green tea F. Ferdousi, R. Araki, K. Hashimoto, H. Isoda Clinic. Nutriotion, 38, 2952 (2019)
Edible Rhus tripartita fruit as source of health-promoting compounds: characterization of bioactive components and antioxidant properties  I. Abcha, P. Criado, S. Salmieri, H. Najjaa, H. Isoda, M Neffati, M. Lacroix Eur. Food Res. Tech., 245, 2641 (2019)
Isorhamnetin Alleviates Steatosis and Fibrosis in Mice with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis G. Munkhzul, Y. Owada, Y. Ozawa, Y. Shimamoto, F. Ferdousi, K. Tominaga, Y. Zheng, N. Ohkohchi, H. Isoda Scientific Reports, 9, 16210 (2019)
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