National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ)

Certified Reference Materials (Samples of Certificate and SDS)


Categories Abstract
10. Industrial Material CRMs for EPMA The ratio of each element contained in the alloy
20. Industrial Material CRMs (for Thickness, Positron Hole-Size, and Ion-Implant) The thickness of multilayer film, positronium lifetime, dot pitch, the wavenumber of Raman shift, etc.
21. Industrial Material CRMs (for Advanced Ceramics) Advanced ceramics with certified mass fractions of main and trace elements
22. Industrial Material CRMs (for Nanoparticle Characterization) Particle size, supecific surface area, specific volume of adsorbed nitrogen, etc.
30. High Purity Inorganic CRMs Inorganic materials or solutions certified for their purity, isotope ratio or electrical conductivity, etc.
40. Organic CRMs (High Purity Materials) High-purity organic compounds with certified "amount of substance fraction" or "mass fraction“ and cyclohexane for thermal analysis
41. Organic CRMs (Standard Solutions) Standard solutions with certified mass fraction
42. Organic CRMs (for Clinical Chemistry and Bioanalysis) Reference material that can be used for clinical examination, amino acid analysis, bioanalysis, etc.
46. Organic CRMs (for Quantitative NMR) High-purity internal reference materials for quantitative NMR
50. Polymer CRMs Reference materials with determined average molar mass or composition ratio for each degree of polymerization
60. Environmental CRMs (for Environment Analysis) Environments, biological matrices and standard solutions with certified substance concentrations
61. Environmental CRMs (for Food Analysis) Food-derived matrices and solutions with certified substance concentrations
62. Environmental CRMs (for Chemical Speciation) Arsenobetaine solution
70. CRMs for Green Procurement CRMs for the RoHS Directive and REACH
80. Gas CRMs High-purity gases and gas mixtures
90. CRMs for Thermophysical Properties Thermal expansion coefficient, thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity