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Categories of Reference Materials

RMinfo is a portal site for reference materials operated by the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ), National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. More than 5,300 certified reference materials (CRMs) and reference materials (RMs) produced in Japan are registered.

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Catergories Subcategories
1.Ferrous Reference Materials 1-a) Pure Metal RMs for Steel Industry Analyses
1-b) Unalloyed Steels
1-c) Low Alloy Steels
1-d) High Alloy Steels
1-e) Raw Materials
1-f) By-Products
1-g) Cast Iron
1-h) Special Alloys
1-i) Other Metallurgical RMs for Steel Industry
2. Non Ferrous Reference Materials 2-a) Pure Metal RMs for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Analyses
2-b) Li, Be, Alkali and Alkaline earth Metals
2-c) Al, Mg, Si and Alloys
2-d) Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn, Bi and Alloys
2-e) Ti, V and Alloys
2-f) Ni, Co, Cr and Refractory Metals
2-g) Precious Metals and Alloys
2-h) Rare Earths, Th, U and Transuranic Elements
2-i) Raw Materials and By-Products
2-j) Other RMs for Non-Ferrous Analyses
3. Inorganic Reference Materials 3-a) General Interest Products and Pure Reagents
3-b) Rocks and Soils
3-c) Glasses, Refractories, Ceramics, and Mineral Fibers
3-d) Building Materials: Cements and Plasters
3-e) Fertilizers
3-f) Inorganic Gases and Gas Mixtures
3-g) Industrial Acids and Bases
3-h) Oxides and Salts
3-i) Other Inorganic Reference Materials
4. Organic Reference Materials 4-a) Pure Organic RMs of General Interest
4-b) Petroleum Products and Carbon Derivatives
4-c) Synthetic Base Products and Large Intermediates
4-d) Common Organics: Solvents, Gases, and Gas Mixtures
4-e) Plastics, Rubbers, and Organic Fibers
4-f) Paints, Varnishes, and Dyes
4-g) Cosmetics and Surfactants
4-h) Pesticides and Phytocide
4-i) Fine Chemicals
4-j) Other Analytical Organic Reference Materials
5. Reference Materials for Physical Properties 5-a) RMs with Optical Properties
5-b) RMs with Mechanical Properties
5-c) RMs with Electrical and Magnetic Properties
5-d) RMs for Frequency
5-e) RMs for Radioactivity and Isotopes
5-f) RMs for Thermodynamics
5-g) RMs for Physicochemical Properties
5-h) Other Physical and Technical Properties
6. Biological and Clinical Reference Materials 6-a) General Medicine
6-b) Clinical Chemistry
6-c) Pathology and Histology
6-d) Haematology and Cytology
6-e) Immunohaematology, Transfusion and Transplant
6-f) Immunology
6-g) Parasitology
6-h) Bacteriology and Mycology
6-i) Virology
6-j) Other Biological and Clinical RMs
7. Reference Materials for the Quality of Life 7-a) Environment
7-b) Foodstuffs
7-c) Consumer Products
7-d) Agriculture (Soils and Plnats)
7-e) Legal Controls and Criminology
7-f) Other RMs for Quality of Life
8. Reference Materials for Industry 8-a) Raw Materials and Semi-Finished Products
8-b) Building and Public Works
8-c) Transportation and Communications
8-d) Electricity, Electronics, and Computer Industry
8-e) Ores and Mineral Raw Materials
8-f) Measurement, Test Techniques, and Instrumentation
8-g) Fuels
8-h) Other Reference Materials for Industry