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Progress of information technology increases the demand for developing innovative technology to analyze a large-scale database rapidly and efficiently. G-QuAT plans to establish advanced convergence computational technology by utilizing quantum computing technology and classical computing technology, e.g. AI technology. Furthermore, use case creation of quantum computers is addressed towards social implementation of advanced convergence computational technology. G-QuAT also plans to establish an evaluation method and lead toward its standardization to build resilience in the supply chain of high-performance materials/components. Furthermore, R&D of large-scale integration of quantum bits will continue to be tackled as part of the development of quantum devices. Through these initiatives, G-QuAT promotes the social implementation of advanced convergence computational technology and aims to build a global business ecosystem to solve economic and social issues, create a new market, and pioneer aftermarkets from the benefits.

What's New

Q-STAR and G-QuAT Joint Symposium 2024
Research Results Archive (Press release)
AIST and Keysight partner for the industrialization of quantum technology
Dr. Akiyoshi TOMONAGA won the ISS Best Presentation Awards.
The 50th Quantum Information Technology Symposium (QIT50)
Research Results Archive (Press release)
G-QuAT's ABCI-Q is supported by NVIDIA.


Global Research and Development Center for Business by Quantum-AI technology (G-QuAT)

Address : AIST Tsukuba Headquarters, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8560, Japan
Email: M-G-QuAT-plan-ml* (Please convert "*" to "@".)

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