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Greeting from the Director

Photo of Director, Research Center, Kentaro Sanso
Director, Norimitsu MURAYAMA

Quantum technology is rapidly advancing and poised to bring about significant societal changes, while international competition in this field is heating up. The Japanese government has unveiled three key strategies to guide this technology's development, outlining policies and implementation plans that span from R&D to practical application and industrialization. To fulfill this vision, AIST has established the Global Research and Development Center for Business by Quantum-AI Technology (G-QuAT) as a dedicated research center. G-QuAT's primary objective is to create new markets and address societal challenges through the widespread adoption of quantum technology.

G-QuAT is actively engaged in three core areas:
"Use case creation for societal implementation,"
"Evaluation services to facilitate the industrialization of quantum computers," and
"Development of manufacturing technologies for the large-scale integration of quantum computers."

Our overarching goal is to support the industrialization of quantum technology and foster the emergence of fresh markets. Additionally, we collaborate with global companies to drive international standardization efforts, striving to establish Japan's leadership in this burgeoning field.

While quantum technology garners immense public interest, it has not yet reached a level of maturity that enables effective use across industries and society. Operating under the vision of being "the world's foremost research center," G-QuAT is diligently working to develop practical quantum computers. We offer a wide range of services and explore pathways to make quantum technology accessible to a broader audience. Through our efforts, we aspire to enhance Japan's standing in the global business ecosystem.


The advanced convergence computational technology being addressed in G-QuAT is an R&D field highly attracting attention around the world. Related technologies are spread broadly, and international competition is intensifying. To perform R&D toward pioneering business development, agile research activities are necessary beyond the existing research fields. For this reason, G-QuAT was established directly under the leadership of the chief technical officer who manages all research areas addressed in AIST and is composed of six research teams and a planning office.

Staff Members

Deputy Director,
Yoshiyuki YOSHIDA
Deputy Director,
Masahiro HORIBE
Deputy Director,
Tsutomu IKEDA
Global Research and Development Center for Business by Quantum-AI Technology (G-QuAT) Director Norimitsu MURAYAMA
Deputy Director Yoshiyuki YOSHIDA
Deputy Director Masahiro HORIBE
Deputy Director Tsutomu IKEDA
Councilor Takashi NAKANO
Prime Senior Researcher Nobu-Hisa KANEKO
Prime Senior Researcher Daiji FUKUDA
Principal Research Manager Hiroyuki KAYANO
Joint Appointed Fellow Shiro KAWABATA

Research Teams

Planning Office

  • Director, Research Planning Office:Chiharu URANO
  • Planning Officer:Go FUJII
  • Planning Officer:Toyofumi ISHIKAWA
  • Officer:Yu KOMINAMI
  • Officer:Chiaki HASHIMOTO
  • Technical staff:Emi TAKEANAKA

Collaboration Promotion Office

  • Director, Collaboration Promotion Office:Takaharu KAMADA
  • Collaboration Promotion Officer:Go FUJII
  • Collaboration Promotion Officer:Masato WADA
  • Collaboration Promotion Officer:Toyofumi ISHIKAWA
  • Collaboration Promotion Officer:Iku HIRANO
  • Collaboration Promotion Officer:Takahiro YAMADA
  • Attached to Collaboration Promotion Office:Yu KOMINAMI
  • Attached to Collaboration Promotion Office:Chiaki HASHIMOTO

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