National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ)

Intellectual Infrastructure Development Plan

Outline of the Third Term "Intellectual Infrastructure Development Plan"

Since 2001, intellectual infrastructure such as measurement standards has been recognized as an important infrastructure in Japan, and such infrastructure has been developed in accordance with the intellectual infrastructure development plans designed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In the field of measurement standards, various measurement standards and reference materials have been developed and provided to a wide range of users over the past two decades.

As a result of a new deliberation, the 3rd term "Intellectual Infrastructure Development Plan" with a planning period up to 2030 was formulated and was published on the website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on 31st May 2021.

In the field of measurement standards, focus was placed on "Nationwide promotion of effective and efficient development and dissemination" and "Expansion of utilization of the measurement standards.” Achievement goals and tasks for 2050 are set for each social issue and common platform such as health & longevity, food & culture, environment, resources & energy, disaster prevention & security. In addition, cross-sectional tasks are individually set for the issues including response to small and medium-sized enterprises and regions, digitalization, inter-ministerial cooperation & domestic cooperation, international cooperation, human resource development & dissemination, and enlightenment.

In line with the new development plan, NMIJ, which is the main implementing organization in the field of measurement standards, will continue to steadily develop "measurement standards," promote their dissemination and utilization, and make efforts to contribute widely to solving social issues through technology and innovation in Japan.

Outline of the Third Term Intellectual Infrastructure Development Plan