Human Augmentation Research Center
Seven research teams are established in HARC.
These seven teams collaborate each other to complete our research process, such as sensing, digital human modeling, realtime intervention, service design and business ecosysytem design.
Wearable sensing technologies and human measurement through supporting robots are investigated by Smart Sensing Research Team and Assistive Robotics Research Team. Human data and environmental data are converted to human functional measures on motion, dynamics, sensation, emotion and communication by digital human models. These modeling researches are conducted by Exercise motivation and Physical function Augmentation Research Team and Cognition, Environment and Communication Research Team. Smart Work IoH Research Team develops human interaction technologies and contributes to applications for QoW (Quality of Working). These human augmentation technologies will be applied to innovative services on health, care and working support. Value co-creation through these innovative services is investigated by Service Value Augmentation Research Team. To establish these innovative services as sustainable business, collaboration with different industry sectors is required as business ecosystem. In some cases,  participation of local government and users are also required for the ecosystem. Co-Creative Platform Research Team conducts with researches of holistic design methodology of the business ecosysytem. Human Augmentation Research Center also notifies ethical aspects of social implication of human augmentation.
A research field of human augmentation is categorized in the figure. Human functions to be augmented are categorized into four (physical, sensation, cognition and communication), and direction of augmentation is also categorized into two (remote/scaling and acceleration/empowerment). Research topics of seven research teams are mapped as dark yellow circles. Human Augmentation Research Center focuses on physical function and communication. Augmentation technologies for human sensation are conducted by collaboration with Human Informatics Research Institute and Intelligent Systems Reseach Institute of AIST. Augmentation technologies for human cognition and knowledge are conducted by collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Research Center.