The server and API for Luncho were released as open source through Github. You can compare Luncho in almost all countries in the world.

The followings are the explanations of Luncho (cited from Luncho Website)

Luncho is a common value index among currencies. A luncho value shows the same value in any country taking its price levels into account. For example, with 100 Luncho, you can have simple lunch in India, in Brazil, in USA, in Japan, and in any other countries.

In India 100 Luncho is equivalent to 160 rupee ($2.19 US dollar), while the same 100 Luncho is equivalent to 17 real ($3.12 US dollar) in Brazil. In USA, 100 Luncho is about $7.21 US dollar. All are the same value because everything is just 100 Luncho.

Among many causes of the economic inequality problem, Luncho will contribute to overcome two major problems. One is the rapid progress of information technology (IT) that is enlarging the gap between people who are utilizing IT and the rest. People living in developing countries cannot buy advanced digital services because of their high prices. The other is decreasing worker's share.