Full-time Employees

Regarding the open call for researchers in Institute of Information and Human Factors, our research institute plans to invite researchers who meet the following criteria;

  • Researcher 1

    Our research institute is promoting the digitization technologies that integrate the findings from neuroscientific research using both animals and humans. Applicants should have expertise in neuroscience, biophysics, and/or computational science. The successful candidate will engage in research on the neural mechanisms underlying cognition and behavior, and industrial applications of the findings.

  • Researcher 2

    In the research and development, which our research division is promoting, on information design based on various characteristics of human sensation, perception, cognition, emotion, and behavior, researchers who can elucidate various issues related to interaction between human and physical environment, especially visual, as well as digital environment, such as with AR/VR technology, based on the expertise in experimental psychology, ergonomics, and statistical analysis, and can work on research and development of guidelines and evaluation methods, as well as on standardization.

  • Researcher 3

    A researcher who can take charge of research and development related to the interaction between people, environment, content, and technology that is being promoted in this research division, and who can work on research and development that will open up the future of media content experiences, culture, and industry through the power of new technologies.

  • Researcher 4

    The research and development of human psychology and behavior based on the measurement of human sensory, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics and aimed at the realization of a wellbeing society, which is being promoted in this research division, can be handled. Researchers who can work on research and development and standardization, such as the extraction of indicators of wellbeing.