National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST) Institute for Geo-Resources and Environment Exploration Geophysics Research Group

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  • Vibroseis seismic survey
  • MT survey in Aso volcano
  • Ground Penetrationg Radar
  • Resistivity monitoring of a slope in rainfall experiments
  • Marine EM sounding
  • NMR analysis of an oil-contaminated core
  • Marine MT survey off the Tomakomai coast
  • Survey using a drone in Sakura-jima island
  • Complex resistivity measurement of soil
  • Contamination investigation using ERT
  • Groundwater survey by TEM in Thailand
  • Prototype of an NMR surface scanner
  • Simulated potential distribution in a rock
  • Development of a method of prediction of corrosion risk for water pipes using high-frequency AC electrical survey


This group conducts researches and developments on methods of geophysical exploration,visualization and imaglng to look into structures of the earth’s interior.It invents exploration techniques,develops systems composed of data acquisition,processing,and analysis to image specified targets.Moreover,it applies exploration methods to various geological targets,and carries out physical experiments of rock and soil samples,interpretations of imaging results with a multidisciplinary approach,and numerical simulation for understanding physical phenomena occurrlng in the earth.

  • Exploration Geophysics Research
  • Exploration Geophysics Research Group