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Risk Assessment Documents 20.Desember.2007      
 Copper pyrithione (CuPT) (English version release)

Research Outcomes 12.December.2007     
 New Publications

Risk Assessment Documents 5.November.2007     
 Bisphenol A (English version release)

Newsletter No.21 26.October 2007     

Risk Assessment Documents 24.October.2007     
 Lead (English version release) 

Research Outcomes 10.October.2007    
 New Publications

Research Outcomes 11.September.2007      
 New Publications

Risk Assessment Documents 31.August.2007     
 Vinyl chloride monomer (Abstract and Executive summary in Japanese )

Risk Assessment Documents 28.August.2007     
 Dichloromethane (English version release) 

Research Outcomes 10.August.2007     
 New Publications

Nano-Risk-Net-Panel 6.August.2007        
 (Japanese version only)

Risk Assessment Documents 31.July.2007     
 Acetaldehyde (Abstract and Executive summary in Japanese )

Newsletter No.20 30.July2007    

Research Outcomes  10.July 2007  
 New Publications

Health Hazard Assessment Team in FY2007 9.July.2007  

Risk Analysis Team in FY2007 2.July.2007  

Research Outcomes  8.June 2007 
New Publications

Hydrosphere Environment Assessment Team in FY2007 4.June.2007  

Environmental Exposure Modeling Team in FY2007 1.June.2007  

Newsletter No.19 23.May 2007  

Research Outcomes  11.May 2007 
New Publications

JAPAN NANO 2007  5th International Symposium on Nanotechnology  
- Nanotechnology, Progress for Five Years and Expectation to The Future -
Presentation Slide 

Research Outcomes  10.April.2007  
New Publications

CRM Staff of 2007 5.April.2007

Director's Address for FY 2007 22.March.2007 

Research Outcomes  13.February.2007
New Publications

Newsletter No.18 19.January.2007

Research Outcomes  9.January.2007
New Publications

SCARRED Lung 2.November.2006

Newsletter No.17 30.October.2006

Health Hazard Assessment Team in FY2006 16.October.2006

Risk Assessment Documents 6.October.2006 
 Lead (Abstract in English) 

Research Outcomes 17.August.2006
 New Publications

Newsletter No.16 31.July.2006

Research Outcomes 15.June.2006
 New Publications

Research Outcomes 16.May.2006
 New Publications

Journal Articles, Presentations in FY2005 9.May.2006

Newsletter No.15 8.May.2006

Risk Assessment Documents 24.March.2006
 p-Dichlorobenzene (Abstract and Summary in English)

Risk Assessment Documents 30.January.2006
 Bisphenol A (Abstract and Summary in English)

Newsletter No.14 25.January.2006

CRM Calendar  28.July.2005
 Research presentation in August.2005 - October.2005

Newsletter No.12 28.July.2005

METI-LIS 26.July.2005
  Low Rise Industrial Source Dispersion MODEL

Team introduction in FY2005 7.July.2005

CRM Calendar  26.May.2005
   Research presentation in May.2005 - July.2005

Newsletter No.11 28.April.2005

Risk Assessment Documents 27.April.2005
TBT (English version release)

Director's Address for FY 2005 11.April.2005

Risk Assessment Documents 1.April.2005
DEHP (Abstract and Executive summary in English)
   Toluene (in Japanese  only)

CRM Organization of 2005 1.April.2005

Video for the Fragmented Testis Method 25.February.2005

Risk Assessment Documents 25.February.2005

Newsletter No.10 25.February.2005

AIST ADMER Version1.5 Released  11.January.2005

Hydrosphere Environment Assessment Team in FY2004 24.December.2004

CRM Calendar  27.October.2004
Research presentation in Nov.2004 - Jan.2005  

Interview to Dr. Munns 27.October.2004
This article is a full text in the interview article in the CRM newsletter No.9.

Newsletter No.9 27.October.2004

CRM Calendar  26.October.2004
The First CRM/AIST & AED/USEPA Workshop 
On Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Chemicals

Policy Statement in FY2004 14.September.2004

Risk Analysis Team in FY2004 6.September.2004

Risk Assessment Documents 24.August.2004

Newsletter No.8 29.July.2004

Ecological Risk Analysis Team in FY2004 22.July.2004

Risk Management Strategy Team in FY2004 2.June.2004

Atmospheric Environment Team in FY2004 20.May.2004

Research Presentation in FY2004 26.April.2004

Newsletter No.7 26.April.2004

Journal Articles in FY2004 26.April.2004

Pamphlet of AIST 7.April.2004
   Outline of CRM (PDF file: 500KB)

CRM Organization of 2004 5.April.2004

CRM Staff of 2004 2.April.2004

Director's Address at the Beginning of 2004

Workshop Announcement
"Conducting Economic Analysis for Regulatory
   Decision-Making" Saturday,
   November 15, 2003 14:00-17:30

2003 AIST International Symposium

Policy Statement 2003

Organization (Hydrosphere Ecological Risk Assessment Team)

Organization (Atmospheric Environment Team, Risk Analysis Team)



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